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The control panel has four different navigation options: basic functionalities, server configurations, file manager and server overview.

Basic Functionalities

Within the basic functionalities, you can start and stop the game server, reinstall your game server, switch the server to another location, view the server console and install pre-uploaded mods. Many of our game servers come with a list of mods that can be installed straight away. When installing mods or switching your game server to another location, please be aware that you'll first have to stop the game server from running.

Server Configurations

Within the server configuration settings of the game server, you can basically configure your whole game server towards your needs. Specifically, there are two categories within the server configurations settings:

1. General settings
2. Game server settings

Within the general settings you can change your game server name, change the amount of slots (players), select the mods you want to play, set a server password, change maps, insert a server message etc. Game server settings on the other hand, are about the maximum amount of ping that is allowed within your game server, if any cheat software should be enabled, if voting options should be enabled, if bots are allowed etc.

File Manager

The file manager is an option within the control panel that allows you to upload custom content, such as specific mods and maps. Although the file manager is very easy to use, it has an upload limit. If you want to upload large mods, maps or missions, we recommend to connect with your game server via a FTP client. Filezilla is a good option. If you are unfamiliar with FTP, please visit Control_panel_possibilities for more information.

Server Overview

You can visit the server overview within the control panel if you want a quick overview of your game server. Within the server overview, you can see your game server name, the server ip, the current amount of players in your game server, the current server map, RAM usage, Disk usage and CPU usage.