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Next to the standard control panel options as explained in the control_panel_explanatory page, we provide you a couple of extra possibilites:

Full FTP Access

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and with FTP you can transfer files from your computer to your game server. Examples of files to be transferred from your computer to the game server are specific mods, maps or configs. To transfer the files with FTP, you need a FTP client, such as Filezilla. Once you've downloaded Filezilla Client, you can connect with your game server and start transferring files. To connect with your game server, you need the FTP login credentials. These credentials can be found when you go the your control panel, navigate to 'File Manager' and click on '[I am an advanced user and wish to connect to the FTP server with a FTP client]'.

If you are new to FileZilla and need some extra help to transfer your files from your computer to the game server, please watch this Filezilla tutorial.

MySQL Access

MySQL is an open source database system on which data like stats, logs, user preferences are stored. Some games or mods require a MySQL server in order to store data. By default MySQL access is not given, please contact us at for requesting a MySQL server if you need one. Once you have MySQL access you can easily access the control panel from your dashboard.