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Each game server hosting company get tons of emails about sponsorships. This is no different at PlayNow.gs. To increase the chance you get a sponsorship, please keep in mind to include the following when you fill for a sponsorship inquiry:

  • Always introduce your team
    • Who is your team and what game do you play?
    • What has your team achieved?
    • What are the goals/next steps of the team?
  • Describe your sponsorship inquiry
    • What exactly do you request from us?
    • Why do you need this from us?
    • How does it help your team?
  • Describe in detail what we will get in return
    • Why should we sponsor you?
    • How do you make sure we will get new customers by sponsoring you?

Always remember that a sponsorship should work both ways. Therefore, when requestion a sponsorship, ask yourself the question if and how you are able to deliver new customers to PlayNow.gs. If you can't bring in new customers, we won't provide a sponsorship.